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Xbox One Modded Controllers

Next-Gen Xbox One Controllers Lineup

Choosing a modified remote for Xbox One is a serious project that requires the understanding of functions you are looking for in a product, the appearance of the gadget and the rational budget distribution between the two. Is it going to be a beautiful toy to delight the eye or a heavily modded gadget to boost your performance to the next level or both? Don’t worry, we have it all.

Great Modifications For FPS Games

With 14 different mod and other functional options available, a modified Xbox One pad will let you quickly reach your gaming goals and beat your competition with little effort. Take a minute to learn which options will be beneficial for your gameplay in particular and start adding them to your order one by one or via game pre-configured bundles. We offer multi mod packages featuring all available options for the most popular games on the market. Call of Duty, Battlefield, Destiny, Halo, The Division and others - we have got you covered on all of them!

Build Your Own Controller

The whole purpose of a custom controller is for it to stand out from the rest and we are glad to offer you an ability to design your item from scratch. Controller shell, operational buttons, d-pad, side rails, bumpers, triggers, a battery pack and more can be easily replaced with custom options available in controller building section. You can even select special rubberized parts to help with grip and add matching paddles with LED running light for a jaw-dropping look.

Big Savings on Xbox One Remotes

You can select from simple to pro controller models without breaking a bank as the total price for the product will vary with the options added. The best way to get a product at the lowest cost it to choose the features that meet your gaming needs and aesthetic expectations and avoid the options that don’t serve the purpose. Checking out current promos also helps as we have daily specials and discounts available for featured products and mod packages.

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