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Build your own Xbox One Controller
Build your own Xbox One Controller SmallBuild your own Xbox One Controller SmallBuild your own Xbox One Controller Small

Build your own Xbox One Controller

Price: $59.99 $79.99

You Save: $20.00 (25%)

ABXY Buttons
Xbox Button
View and Menu
Grip Panels
Battery Cover

Xbox One Wireless Controller

With innovative technology delivered by Xbox One remote, released in 2014, you will elevate your gaming experience to the next level and enjoy a true precision, excitement, and satisfaction. Redesigned controller shape fits the hands of all sizes. New triggers provide a more intense vibration feedback with every crash, hit, and explosion in the game. Sensitive thumbsticks and improved d-pad deliver a better precision for an enhanced gameplay.

Controller Mods

Your controller can be upgraded with an array of different mod options, pre-configured mod packages and mimic paddles that will boost your performance in a variety of ways. Mod packages come with all options compatible with certain games, adding mods one by one will allow you to have several desired functions; installation of reprogrammable mimic paddles enables buttons functionality remapping.

Customize your controller

Controller customizer allows you to equip your gadget with both functional and design features to get a truly custom made Xbox One remote that will meet your performance expectations and won’t look like other controllers out there. It is suggested that you visit our Informational Guide For Buyers that will provide you with the basic knowledge on how to choose the right options for the product.

Customization Extras

Our advanced platform offers an ability to completely configure the look of your remote and share it with your friends at any time. Creating a personalized device is a fun and exciting process that is completed in several steps with each step showing you available options for buttons and parts as you scroll down.

Remote Body

This tab will show you all available Xbox One designs divided into groups for your convenience.

Mega Modz Programmable Paddles

Here you will see all color combinations available for the feature. The option will not only increase the usability of the product but will add to its appearance as well.


Select from different solid and chrome d-pad colors.

ABXY and Xbox Buttons

Adding custom colored buttons will greatly improve the look of the gadget and emphasize the colors of the shell.


Aluminum thumbsticks look and feel great and are definitely a must have.

Grip Panels

This is a great option to add as side panels are a large part of the controller and adding a color of your choice to them will greatly personalize an overall look. By selecting a rubberized version you will also get an extra anti-grip protection.

Battery Cover

The back of the remote is equally important as the front. Add a custom designed battery cover for a stylish look.


A variety of useful accessories is offered at this tab that will help you enjoy your new toy even more.

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