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Xbox One Matte Blue Custom Modded Controller Customer Reviews


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Xbox One Matte Blue Custom Modded Controller
$89.97 $109.97


By Roy Whispers on Mar 24, 2017

This controller is simply gangsta, all I can say is WOW! First off, it was delivered to me next day so I could catch my weekend tournament, secondly, it looks incredible and mod work FLAWLESSLY. From the moment I took it out of the box, I couldn't get my hands off it. The skin and every single button is done with great attention to detail, there is no rumbling noise that I had with my other modded controller. It feels that every wire or a screw is just in the right place. Paddles are something else. They glow in a soft red color and their shape is perfect for my hands. All mods I have added are easy to understand and control, all maneuvers are done through controller buttons and leds indicate each mod not letting you get confused. Overall, this is a great product assembled professionally and neatly that doesn't require you to be an experienced mod user to play with it.

By Jason Atkinson on Feb 14, 2017

It was my first experience of having modded controller and I went with them as there were lots of positive reviews online. I mainly play COD and Destiny and Spectre package seemed like a perfect choice as it had the mods that supposedly worked for both games. I followed the instructions that came with the package for Rapid Fire, Quick Scope etc and I was getting a corresponding LED each time which indicated the mod was on, however I wasn't able to use Rapid Fire with most of the weapons I play with as it only works on semi automatic and single shot guns. As I prefer fully automatic ones, my choice of weapons to use in COD was VERY limited. Trying to use Rapid Fire on Destiny was even a bigger disaster, as I play with fusion rifles only and there are NONE compatible weapons in the game that I could use the mod with. To cut the story short, I wasn't impressed with the controller at all and had to return it. It may work for someone who prefers different weapons though....


By jorge on Dec 5, 2015

will this controller come with a amual for all the mods?

By Johnson on Sep 25, 2014

I am impressed with this controller. I almost didn't get it because I thought the price with all the add ons I wanted was too high for the amount of game playing I do but it is worth every penny, I love it.

By Jimmy on Sep 16, 2014

Like baby blue matte finish on the controller, just ordered one for myself as I have read all the good reviews about your guys work! Hope I won't get dissapointed!

Good company

By Chuck on Sep 11, 2014

Have been using Megamodz mod for about 4 months now. Originally got it with Rapid Fire and Dropshot+Jumpshot, now looking for an upgrade with few more mods. Recommend this company to everyone


By Alfnoso on Mar 24, 2014

Theses controllers are fire!!!

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