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Xbox One Benjamins Custom Modded Controller Customer Reviews


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Xbox One Benjamins Custom Modded Controller
$89.97 $109.97

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By Vincent Anrick on Jul 15, 2017

Its not exactly the same things i recieve the buttons and grip pannels is not the good one. And its cost the same thing and 24$ of import taxe. Its cost more supposed to be for not what i command.

By Roger Sanchez on Feb 26, 2017

I am a hardcore gamer with years of experience playing COD and BF games. My passion for shooters goes way back to early 2000s and my style and skills have been evolving with every new game produced. Unfortunately a few months back I noticed my K/D ratio wasn't as good as it used to and I was lacking speed in my moves and unable to keep up with the younger generation. Tired of getting my butt kicked by teens, I've researched for modded controller for Xbox One as I figured that's what most of them were using. I came across this and a couple more companies and was debating which one to go with as all of them had decent reviews and the product. What bought me is their customer care, I had a lot of questions and they were quick with their replies and very detailed, unlike other 2 companies who were giving me very generic responses. Megamodz made me feel like they genuinely cared about my needs and took time to configure what would fit me the best. I appreciate the support and the only reason I took 1 star off is that I am not 100% satisfied with programming function for Rapid Fire. It is not very differnet from default speed options and for the price of the controller I was expecting a more personalized experience.

Benjamins Xbox One Controller

By Aidan on Jan 3, 2016

I received my controller and it works flawlessly, all 14 mods functioning properly. Note: Turbo Melee doesn't work with BO3.

Very pleased with customer service

By Ernestina on Sep 22, 2015

Just placed an order for this controller with megamodz pro package and I was a bit confused which options to add. A lady on the phone was very helpful, she took time to listen to what my son is looking for in a remote and advised us on the best fit. Thank you for a great customer service

Benjamins with assault mod pack

By Tyler on Apr 27, 2015

Really good design,mods great effective. I ordered this and it arrived to my house in 3 days ( from FL to IL)

mods are pretty fast

By Richard Cunning on Sep 23, 2014

I have 2 xbox controllers from megamodz team, standard black for my xbox 360 and benjamins xbox one. Set up for 2 systems is different, xbox 360 can hold up more mods, can enable up to 6 -8 at once on xbox 360 and can only have 4 mods enabled at once on xbox one controller. Xbox One controllers have more mods though plus I like the console better. So it all comes to what gaming system you prefer.

By Oliver on Sep 15, 2014

This is by far the coolest controller I ever had. Works flawlessly, easy to turn mods on and off, just make sure to take your time and read the instructions carefully.


By Isiah on Apr 7, 2014

i love my new controller I just upgraded. Gook look!

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