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COD Black Ops 4 Compatible Xbox One S Multi Mod Controller rapid fire included
COD Black Ops 4 Compatible Xbox One S Multi Mod Controller SmallCOD Black Ops 4 Compatible Xbox One S Multi Mod Controller SmallCOD Black Ops 4 Compatible Xbox One S Multi Mod Controller SmallCOD Black Ops 4 Compatible Xbox One S Multi Mod Controller Small

Additional Options:

  • Package: Hunter Multi-Mod Package ($59.99)
  • Mods: Rapid Fire ($19.99)
  • Package: Hunter Multi-Mod Package ($59.99)
  • Mods: Rapid Fire ($19.99)
  • Item Subtotal: $69.99
  • Options Subtotal: $79.98
  • Order Total: $149.97

COD Black Ops 4 Compatible Xbox One S Multi Mod Controller

4 Customer Reviews
Price: $149.97 $189.97

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Upgrading Your Modchip - MODS

Enhance your gaming experience and choose from the options that meet your combat needs. Select from pre-configured multi-mod packages or add desired mods one by one.

Add Rapid Fire

Multi-Mod Packages

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Xbox Button
ABXY Buttons
View and Menu
Grip Panels
Battery Cover

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About this product

Treyarch and Activision team efforts haven't been in vain, the duo managed to combine 2 popular genres in one game and proudly announced the release of Call of Duty Black Ops 4. The game kept most of traditional franchise elements and added a popular battle royal modes. You are welcome to explore new maps, take advantage of a great weaponry selection and get immersed into a new, refined Zombie experience.

Our next-gen BO4 modded controller for Xbox One has been developed with user in mind offering a great variety of shooter compatible options that can help you to achieve impressive gaming results. Once activated, mods add special skills that you will be able utilize during the heated, online gameplay.

Increased shooting power of the weapons, instant reloading, precise aiming and more highly effective abilities will be assisting you in becoming a top Black Ops 4 player. Find out more about compatible features and their usability in the game!

Product Details

Item #: 00296
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Country of Origin: China
Product Dimensions: 7x7x7 inches
Shipping Weight: 1 pound/16 ounces
Customer Reviews:
Date first available at 2018-09-03 07:40:52
Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here
Shipping Info: For detailed shipping information please click here


Product Name: COD Black Ops 4 Xbox One S Multi-Mod Controller
Color/Design: Black
Compatible Platform(s): Xbox One,Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PC
Connectivity Technology: Wireless
Wireless Range: 40 feet
Bluetooth connectivity: Yes
USB Receiver: Yes
Included Accessories: -
Required Battery: 2 x AA type
Rumble Vibration: Yes
Model Number: TF5-00001
UPC: 889842084320
Customization App: Xbox Accessories app available on Xbox One and Windows 10
Headset Jack: 3.5mm
Paddle System/Pro Buttons: Paddle System With 2 Buttons Is Optional
Interchangeable Components: Optional
Hair Trigger Locks: Not Available
Adjustable weight: Not Available
Indicator Light(s): Yes
Illumination: Not Available
Modified: Yes
Mod Switch: Yes
Rapid Fire Mod: Yes
Special Mods: Akimbo, Auto Burst, Auto Sprint, Dropshot, Jumpshot, Dual Trigger RF, Fast Reload, Layouts, Quick Scope, Sniper Breath, Zombie
Turbo Buttons: Not Available
Macros: Not Available
Standard: 90
Extended: 1 Year
Choking Hazard Warning: No
Assembly Time: 3-5 Business Days

From the Manufacturer

Take advantage of a controller high performance, enhanced memory capacity, 100% online undetectability and a simple navigation with Mega Modz modchip featuring 10 mode programmable Rapid Fire pre-installed by default.

enhanced modchip

Xbox Accessories App For Xbox One S Controller
Configure controller stock buttons exactly to your liking via button remapping ability offered by Xbox Accessories app. Now you can design the button functionality assignment your own way and selected layout will be applied to the dashboard, gaming and apps. Modifying the layout can be done at anytime via same simple steps.


LED Indicator on Xbox One S Modded Controller
Never get confused with the mods you have on. Enjoy an easy indication of activated mods via a Mega Modz LED indicator that features 4 color coded LEDs with each color corresponding to a certain mod.

custom led indicator

Mod Button on Xbox One S Modded Controller
Master all mods on the fly! Use a mod switch only to enable/disable mods, scroll between sub modes and set up custom speeds. Operate all mods through controller stock buttons during the game play.

mod button

Enjoy a new level of gaming with Mega Modz Planet mod options compatible with all major shooters on the market such as Call of Duty series, Battlefield series, Halo series, Destiny and many more.


Custom Design Xbox One S Controller
Enhance your gaming experience with a state of the art personalized gadget! Create a one-of-kind looking modded controller by customizing a shell, buttons and controller parts completely to your liking.

unique design [random design shown]

Customer Reviews


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Quick and effective customer support

By Joshua Martino on Nov 7, 2018

I' ve had a problem with my left thumb that was sticking and it was extremely annoying in the game. Sent an email to the customer care, then followed up on the chat and was issued an rma. A week after I received the mod back and the issue has been fixed. Although I was disappointing at first, the manner and speed they handled my request, did it for me.

Works well

By Chris Mayo on Nov 3, 2018

Hands down, this is the best modded controller for bo4 I've managed to find online. There are many from other platforms, like Ebay and Amazon, with over 100 mods advertised, but features do not do the job they supposed to, so I went with Mega as heard only positive review about the guys. I am happy to say, that all mods work as advertised, very detailed instructions provided and tech support is available, I tried them all LOL. I recommend this product to all who want to get a competitive edge in their game without overdoing it.

Great control

By Francisco Cruz on Oct 31, 2018

This is working perfectly. Custom buttons and sides are built just right, no clinging, sit firmly. Colors are amazing, very bright. I can finally relax with this control and play black ops 4.

Love the controller

By Chuck Debalos on Oct 29, 2018

I am already loving this controller and I just received it by mail a couple hours ago. It's not my first mega controller so I was familiar with the technology, but man, it is smooth! So far, I've gave a shot to all shooting mods, and tried Quick Scope. Mods do make a big difference. Up next is Zombie and Fast Reload. Beware folks, Big Chuck is coming!!

Compatible Games

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