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Infinite Warfare Compatible PS4 Pro Multi Mod Controller Customer Reviews


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Infinite Warfare Compatible PS4 Pro Multi Mod Controller
$134.97 $179.97

By David Riebman on Feb 20, 2017

I have been looking for a remote modded for Call Of Duty IW and MW Remastered game and was happy to come across this website that offers one for PlayStation 4. What I instantly liked about it, that it came premodded with all compatible features and I didn't have to add them myself. The controller arrived within one week and had a nice pocket book with instructions. My biggest problem was with 2 mods - Auto Sprint and Fast Reload, I followed the instructions but couldn't figure the way to make these features work and was thinking my controller was defective. I live chatted them and was given exact details on how to set up Fast Reload (it turned out it had to be customized for each weapon with exact settings provided by them) and auto sprinting wasn't that complicated either, I just missed a step. After about 20 minutes chatting with an agent, I was able to make my soldier autorun and fast reload some of the weapons. My advice to gamers lilke myself is to take time and learn the instructions or visit their Support page. Thank you.

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