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Destiny Compatible PS4 Pro Multi Mod Controller Customer Reviews


4.44 out of 5 stars

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Destiny Compatible PS4 Pro Multi Mod Controller
$104.97 $139.97

Not as advertized

By DAVID FARAGALLI on Mar 26, 2017

I'm giving it a 3 star rating if only because the controller works the way I wanted it to. I get to use Rapid Fire on Destiny. However, the controller I got was not how it appears on the site or how I'd seen it demonstrated on YouTube. In the videos I've seen, the indicator light that Rapid Fire is active was located inside the light bar in the back of the controller. Instead what I got was a 4 light round bump on the bottom front of the controller. I understand this is easier to see. However, none of the 3 angles of the controller in the pictures come close to showing it, and the angle that would show it was conveniently left out. The problem is that I charge my controllers on a cradle charger, and the protruding disk and the lights on it prevent it from being seated. It's not even close. I wanted to buy this controller to get the Rapid Fire I needed and save a little cash, but since it rendered my cradle useless, it ended up costing me more than I paid. If you charge just using the USB cable, this won't be an issue for you and it will work fine. But, this was poorly planned and deceptive. Will not be buying from Mega Modz in the future.

By Marko Bruno on Feb 14, 2017

Ciao, I am from Italy and bought this gaming control for destiny game specifically. I talked to their agent and was recommended to buy fate pack that comes already pre-configured for my game. It comes with 5 mods only while the packs for call of duty games have more than 10 mods. This is the first thing I am not completely happy with, destiny is a very popular game here in Italy and I am sure, in USA as well. So why not spend some time and offer more compatible functions for it to make everyone happy, not just call of duty players. Another thing that was very annoying for me is a delivery process. It was 3 business days like I was told, but I had to pay import taxes on the control! Therefore, with express shipping and taxes I have spent more than I wanted originally. I am giving 3 stars because of these 2 problems. Best regards, Marko from Italy

Reliable, consistent, and fun!

By seth_brinkman0887 on Feb 2, 2017

'Bought the controller and have not been let down. Excellent craftsmanship, reliable modification don't regret purchase at all, has been very fun. '

Great service

By Douglas on Jan 31, 2017

Ordered early on a Friday morning and by the end of the day, it was ready for mailing. On Monday around 330pm it was at my mailbox place for pickup. The site was easy to use. Has a manual on how to use mods.

Going to get one soon will let you know

By Thomas on Sep 24, 2015

Easy to use the website found what I was looking for, I am not good at finding things on sites,I click on this and end up looking at some thing else then click click click. .

By Ariel on Sep 16, 2015

Big Destiny fan....Love my megamodz controller.. easy to use.. great advantage in the game.. wish they had more mods for Destiny....

By Gloria on Dec 10, 2014

My grandson is really into videogames and now he only plays Destiny. I overheard him saying he wanted a modded controller on Christmas and I promised his parents I would get it for him. It was my pleasure to place an order through Meamodaplanet customer service agent as I didn't really know what I was purchasing. The staff is friendly and polite. I would recommend everyone contact their customer service agents to make sure you will be getting the right thing.

By Sam on Dec 2, 2014

I like the mods and how they work, Megamodz got this part covered but I wish they had custom Destiny inspired controller since it's my fav game by far. This is why I rated them 4 and not 5.

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