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COD Black Ops 4 Compatible PS4 Multi Mod Controller Customer Reviews


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COD Black Ops 4 Compatible PS4 Multi Mod Controller
$139.97 $179.97

By Paul JR on Nov 7, 2018

I got this controller when the game came out. It came with complete set of instructions and so far I've had zero issues with it. Mine comes with chrome buttons and 1 year warranty. I've heard a positive feedback about this site and how they handle any issues arising as long as the warranty is valid. I feel that I own a quality product and a decent long-term investment in my gaming.

Its OK

By Philip Oysnerz on Nov 3, 2018

So It's been a week of me playing with BO4 compatible modded controller and I do like it except for the paddles may be. They don't fit my hands perfectly and I wish they had them in bigger sizes, so since its kind of problematic for me to use them, I stopped doing it and focused on mods. As for the mods, they do decent job in helping me with my shooting and aiming, and I think they could do even better if I tried programming units myself, but for me standard settings are pretty good. For the record, this is my first modded controller, so I don't really have experience with other products to make a in-depth comparison.

User friendly

By Jenny Gardens on Oct 31, 2018

You can't go wrong with this controller. Mods work perfectly and do what's described. Switching between sub-mods is smooth and takes no effort, you don't have to take eyes off the game while changing features. Don't be lazy and do your homework reading about operating the controller right and you won't have any issues.


By Hobolorde on Oct 29, 2018

Great feel. Paddles in perfect location. All mods working as intended.


By Nino Arnelli on Oct 29, 2018

This remote is amazing! I like all mods, but Fast Reload and Zombies are my personal favorites. Fast Reload I couldn't figure out first, and I contacted their support and they were very kind and quick to provide me with custom settings that I couldn't find on the website. Now I am not wasting my time on reloading ammo no more! Zombies is another beautiful feature that helps so much with my aiming! I wish I could use with regular multiplayer, I am hoping I will be able to later. 2 quick words about the service. Shipping took 3 days to Europe plus dealing with customs in Italy is always a tragedy, so finally, after 5 days from placing an order, I was holding it in my hands! Grazie and Ciao from Palermo, Italy!!

By Joe Di Girolamo on Oct 23, 2018

I have received my controller today and I setup fast reload, so it does do the reload movement much faster but no new ammo is reloaded in the defeats the do we fix this?


By Christopher Perez on Oct 5, 2018

I’m upset .. I had to run some errands and left. No biggie right. The remote was fine before I left I was using rapid fire just fine. I came back home and hopped online and the mod indicator would not turn on. I tried just about everything restarting the ps4 quitting the game, resetting the remote to factory settings(even though the LED indicator is not glowing any color). I don’t know what else to do and I would like to have a remote before the new black ops comes out :/

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