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All Xbox One Mods

Akimbo Mod For Xbox One


Auto Burst Mod For Xbox One

Auto Burst

Auto Heal Mod For Xbox One

Auto Heal

Auto Sprint Mod For Xbox One

Auto Sprint

Auto Spot Mod For Xbox One

Auto Spot

Drop Shot+Jump Shot Mod For Xbox One

DropShot + JumpShot

Dual Trigger RF Mod For Xbox One

Dual Trigger

Fast Reload Mod For Xbox One

Fast Reload

Jitter Mod For Xbox One


Button Layouts Feature For Xbox One


Quick Scope Mod For Xbox One

Quick Scope

Rapid Fire Mod For Xbox One

Rapid Fire

Sniper Breath Mod For Xbox One

Sniper Breath

Turbo Melee Mod For Xbox One

Turbo Melee

Zombie/Auto Aim Mod For Xbox One


You are now at the menu with all Xbox One Exclusive Mods. Current modding technology offers 15 mods and mod packs for Xbox One controllers.

The following mods can now be programmed to your preference: Akimbo, Auto Burst, Dual Trigger, Rapid Fire, Turbo Melee. Keep in mind that Rapid Fire, Fast Reload and Quick Scope are also available for custom programming as they were in the previous version as well.

Almost all mods are supported in 5 buttons layouts - Default, Tactical, Lefty, NOM4D and NOM4D Tactical, which gives more flexibility and mods’ usability to the players.

Overall the new modchip offers a much more customizable Xbox One modded controller compared to the previous generation and contributes to a much more in-depth and exciting gaming experience with your brand new Xbox One console.

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