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Sniper Breath

Sniper Breath

Sniper Breath

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Download PlayStation 4 Sniper Breath Mod Instructions

What is Sniper Breath Mod?

Sniper Breath mod is designed for Call of Duty games. It's a perfect feature for snipers that automatically make your sniper hold his breath when he aims thus increasing the accuracy.

NOTE : Sniper Breath mod cannot be used with Auto Sprint and Quick Scope mods simultaneously.

How Do I Operate Sniper Breath Mod?

To activate:

  • Hold down mod switch on the back
  • Push In The Left Thumbstick (in default button layout). A GREEN LED will light up on opened slot to let know that this special feature has been activated.

To change sub-mode:

When mod is activated:

  • Hold down mod switch on the back
  • Hold down Left Thumbstick. A GREEN LED on an available slot will start blinking (1 blink for sub-mode 1; 2 blinks for sub-mode 2). When the desired sub-mode is reacHed, release buttons.

2 sub-modes are available:

  • 1. Sub-mode designed for Call of Duty games 
  • 2. Sub-mode designed for Battlefield games

When Auto Sniper Hold breath is enabled, all you have to do to make your sniper hold his breath is hold L2 button (in default button layout).The mod will automatically press the hold breath button for you.

To turn OFF:

  • Hold down mod switch on the back
  • Push In The Left Thumbstick (in default button layout). A special GREEN LED (2, 3 or 4) will turn OFF indicating that special feature has been turned OFF.

You can turn OFF all special modes (2, 3 and 4 LEDs) at any time by holding down mod switch on the back and taping X button. All 2, 3 and 4 LEDs will turn off indicating that all special features have been turned OFF.

What Games Is Sniper Breath Mod Compatible With?

Sniper Breath Mod is compatible with Call of Duty and Battlefield games.

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