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Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

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Download PlayStation 3 Rapid Fire Mod Instructions

What is Rapid Fire Controller?

Rapid Fire controller is designed to make semi-auto or "single shot" guns shoot fully automatic ones. It is also used for “single fire” or semi-auto guns as Rapid Fire Feature is faster and more accurate than normal firing. While Rapid Fire will not usually make a full-auto gun shoot any faster, it can have positive side effects on full-auto guns - such as eliminating recoil (especially in Rainbow 6 FPS games!), or help players conserve ammo on full-auto guns to achieve more headshots.

How Do I Operate Rapid Fire Controller?

Turn your controller on and sync to your Sony Playstation console by pressing Sync button ( PlayStation button ) on your controller. Player 1 LED on the controller and console will flash and stay on, indicating your controller has been synchronized. (You will only have to do the synchronizing procedure the very first time you use the controller. It will be synchronized to a console automatically once you power up the controller for all the other times).

To toggle Rapid Fire On , hold the mode switch on the back of the controller and then tap Fire Weapon Button (R1 Button in default button layout). Player 4 LED will twinkle and stay ON, indicating you have turned Rapid Fire ON.

Scroll to the next Rapid Fire mode by holding down the mod switch, press and hold Fire Weapon Button. (R1 Button in default button layout). The player 4 LED on the top of the controller will blink to let the user know which mode he or she has just changed to. When the desired mode is reached, release the mod switch to stop changing modes. For example, Mode 2-Player 4 LED blinks 2 times and stays ON.

If you change modes while playing, the controller will always remember the last mode you were playing with before powering down. Therefore, this setting is really only meaningful the first time you power up your controller after programming it.

Mega Modz Planet Rapid Fire Chip Technology has 10 programming modes with default factory speeds, which are tuned for the following games:

ModeGamesShots Per Second
Mode 1Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 All other pistols9.7
Mode 2Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 MK14; BLACK OPS 27.3
Mode 3Call of Duty: GHOSTS; Modern Warfare 3 P9911.7
Mode 4Call of Duty: Black Ops; BLACK OPS 27.2
Mode 5Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 28.2
Mode 6Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (use double tap perk)10.2
Mode 7Halo series9.3
Mode 8GTA IV23.3
Mode 9Gears of War series8.5
*Mode 10Call of Duty: World at War6.9
* Mode 3 is recommended for COD GHOSTS
* Mode 2 and 4 are recommended for COD Black Ops 2
* Mode 10 is a special mode designed specifically for Call of Duty: World at War. We recommend only using this mode for COD: WAW.

To turn Rapid Fire OFF quickly, hold the mod switch and tap d-pad DOWN button. Player 4 LED will go OFF.

What Games Is Rapid Fire Feature Compatible With?

Rapid Fire controller is compatible with all First Person Shooter games on the market.

instructions for advanced users

What Are Adjustable Settings?

A player can enter preferred speeds in Modes 1 through 10. However, it’s also important to know that the software developers may have set a universal speed cap for each video game. The cap is different for every game. If you try to dial in your Rapid Fire speed above this cap, your gun will actually shoot slower, or not shoot at all. Always try starting out at a slower speed and increase your speed in small intervals. For example, start out at a low speed such as 6 or 7 shots per second, then increase by 0.5 shots-per-second until you feel that the gun is starting to "sputter" or slow down. You are probably reaching the game's speed cap.

The controller can remember up to ten different Rapid Fire speeds in "shots per second". Many different factors can affect the performance of your Rapid Fire controller, including your console (newer models have more power and RAM), the quality of your internet connection, and whether or not you are the current host of the match.

- Rapid Fire speed is programmed by individually setting the tens digit, the ones digit, and the decimal digit. For example, if the speed is 16.2 shots per second. "1" is the tens digit, "6" is the ones digit, and "2" is the decimal digit.

- Any time an LED or LED's flash very quickly, this means one of your numbers is set to "0". Otherwise, it will slowly blink the number.

-When in Rapid Fire speed programming mode, hold L1 to decrease speed, R1 to increase speed, or tap the TAC switch to save the setting.

COD GHOSTS Chart: Maximum Shots Per Second

Assault Rifles 
Remington R519.6
Honey Badger16.5
Marksman Rifles 
MK14 EBR19
Tac 12Any speed *
MP-443 Grach20.6
PDWAny speed *
* Delivers Max SPS at any speed setting

COD BLACK OPS 2 Chart: Maximum Shots Per Second

Assault Rifles 
FAL OSW7.1 - 7.2
SMR12.3 - 12.5
Sniper Rifles 
XPR-5014.8 - 15
Submachine Guns 
Chicom CQB18.9 - 19.1
S1212.8 - 13
tac-4514.7 - 15
Executioner12 - 12.2

User Rapid Fire Programming Instructions:

  • Power your controller UP.
  • Turn Rapid Fire ON.
  • Scroll to the mode you want to program (1-10), before initiating the programming sequence.
  • Press and hold Mode Switch on the back of the controller+ L1, R1, and R2 at the same time. Player 3 and Player 4 LED's will blink rapidly. The mod is now in programming mode, and is awaiting user input.
  • The controller will let you know that it has entered programming mode by alternating the Player 3 and 4 LED's a few times.
  • The controller will then flash the tens digit to you on the Player 4 LED. Adjust the speed and then tap the tac switch to move to the next digit.
  • The controller will then flash the ones digit to you on the Player 3 LED. Adjust the speed and then tap the tac switch to move to the next digit.
  • The controller will then flash the decimal digit to you on the Player 3 and Player 4 LEDs. Adjust the speed and then tap the tac switch.
  • The controller will let you know that it saved your new speed by alternating the Player 3 and 4 LED's a few times.

The controller will always remember the last programming speed you have before powering down.

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