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Fast Reload

Fast Reload

Fast Reload

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Download PlayStation 3 Fast Reload Mod Instructions

What Is Fast Reload Mod?

Fast Reload is a mod enabling a player to reload the guns he/she is using faster than normally. Technically, it is a glitch in the Call of Duty series of games. Fast Reload is most effective on Black Ops 3, Modern Warfare, MW2, and MW3. It is not as effective on Ghosts and previous Black Ops games.

How Does Fast Reload Mod Work?

When you press the reload button, your character begins to reload. The ammo clip bar will actually reach a full bar before the animation sequence of the reload is done. If you hit your Change Weapon button twice very quickly just after the ammo reaches a full bar, but before the animation sequence has completed, you can start firing again sooner than your opponent. Thus you have just completed a "Fast Reload" because it's faster than letting the full reload animation sequence play out.
Getting the timing down perfectly is difficult to impossible for some players. This is where the Fast Reload feature of the modded controller comes into play. It will automatically wait out this delay and press the Change Weapon Button for you at just the right time. You must enter the correct Fast Reload delay time for your gun, though.

NOTE : Fast Reload does not work on some shotguns or sniper rifles. Fast Reload only works on guns that have a clip - it will not work on guns where the bullets are loaded one-at-a-time. There are several different factors that affect Fast Reload, including the perks that you select. Perks such as Sleight of Hand will actually change the Fast Reload timing. Different guns have different Fast Reload settings. And if you have the Sleight Of Hand perk enabled, your Fast Reload timings will change again.
We encourage you to "tune in" the perfect Fast Reload speed for your favorite weapon. If your Fast Reload delay is set too quick, then the controller will interrupt the reload sequence before your ammo reaches a full bar. If the Fast Reload delay is set too slow, then the controller won't interrupt the animation sequence soon enough (and you don't gain any advantage).

How Do I Operate Fast Reload Mod?

To toggle Fast Reload On, hold mod switch on the back of the controller and then tap Reload Button (Square Button).Player 3 LED will flash and stay ON, indicating you have turned Fast Reload ON.

Scroll to the next Fast Reload mode by holding down your mod switch on the back of the controller, and holding Reload button (Square Button). The player 3 LED on your controller will blink to lets user know which mode he has just changed to. When you have reached the desired mode, release the mod switch to stop changing modes. (Example: Mode 2-Player 3 LED flashes 2 times and stays ON). Please note, when you will activate the mode next time, it will automatically be set to the last mode used.

10 Fast Reload Modes are available with default factory speeds (they can also be customized):

ModesUnit Delays
1Gun 1 - Timing 33
2Gun 2 - Timing 34
3Gun 3 - Timing 36
4Gun 4 - Timing 42
5Gun 5 - Timing 53
6Gun 6 - Timing 54
7Gun 7 - Timing 56
8Gun 8 - Timing 63
9Gun 9 - Timing 213
10Gun 10 - Timing 214

To turn Fast Reload OFF quickly, hold the mod switch on the back of the controller and tap Reload Button (Square Button). Player 3 LED will go OFF.

You can always turn all exclusive mods OFF by holding mod switch on the back of the controller and taping X Button at any time.

What Games Is Fast Reload Mod Compatible With?

Fast Reload Mod compatible with some Call of Duty Games.

Instructions For Advanced Users

What User Has to Know Before Setting Up Fast Reload Unit Delays

  • Delay unit is different for each gun. Each COD game and each gun can be different, and it can be affected by the perks and the secondary that the combatant is holding. This is why customization is so important; there are hundreds of different values depending on the customer's soldier configuration.
  • Fast reload delays are programmed by individually setting the hundreds digit, the tens digit, and the ones digit. For example, if the reload delay is 105 units, "1" is the hundreds digit, "0" is the tens digit, and "5" is the ones digit.
  • Any time an LED or LED's flash very quickly, this means one of your numbers is set to "0". Otherwise, it will slowly blink the number.
  • When in Fast Reload speed programming mode, hold L1 to decrease speed, R1 to increase speed, or tap the tac switch to save the setting.

Fast Reload Delay Programming

  • Power your controller UP
  • Turn Fast Reload ON
  • Scroll to the sub-mode you want to program (1-10), before initiating the programming sequence
  • Press and hold Mode Switch on the back of the controller + R1 and L1 buttons and then tap reload Button (Square Button). Player 3 and Player 4 LED's will blink rapidly.
  • The controller will then flash the hundreds digit to you on the Player 3 and Player 4 LEDs. Adjust the speed and then tap the TAC switch to move to the next digit.
  • The controller will then flash the tens digit to you on the Player 4 LED. Adjust the speed and then tap the TAC switch to move to the next digit.
  • The controller will then flash the ones digit to you on the Player 3 LED. Adjust the speed and then tap the TAC switch.
  • The controller will let you know that it saved your new speed by alternating the Player 3 and 4 LED's a few times.

The controller will always remember the last programming "delay units" you set before powering down.

fast reload programming unit delays for black ops 2:

Assault RiflesDelays
TYPE 2552
Shot Guns 
R870 MCSNot Compatible
KSGNot Compatible
Light Machine Guns 
MK 48163
Sniper Rifles 
DSR 50Not compatible
Sub Machine Guns 
MP 741
Vector K1042
Chicom CQB48
Scorpion EVO43

fast reload programming unit delays for mw2:

Assault RiflesDelays
Sub Machine Guns 
MINI-UZInot effective
Light Machine Guns 
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