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We are proud to introduce you the latest and the most advanced 2015 modification technology for Xbox One, Sony Play Station 4 Xbox 360 and Sony Play Station 3 controllers.

Undetectable Technology
15 Exclusive Xbox One and PS4 Mod Packs with Advanced 10 Mode Rapid Fire
15 Exclusive PS4 Mod Packs with Advanced 10 Mode Rapid Fire
14 Exclusive Xbox 360 Mod Packs with 10 Mode Rapid Fire
11 Exclusive Sony PS3 Mod Packs plus 10 Mode Rapid Fire 
Easy Navigation In Between Mods and up to 54 Sub Modes
8 Times More Memory, 64 KB Memory
Fastest On The Market,  16 MHz Processing Power

Rapid Fire technology offers gamers an ultimate game play via increased functionality of modded controllers that now can provide the functions of all desired mods on all avaialable button layouts configurations.There is a fair number of controller companies on the market now that offer various modes and features to be installed on to controllers, from a basic Rapid Fire to various add-ons that can improve the performance of character in the game in a lot of ways. Although all companies use common terminology “Rapid Fire” when referring to mods, Mega Modz engineering team increased performance through a more efficient technology and higher frequency. Another advantage of Mega Modz Planet modchip technology is the number of exclusive mods that the memory can hold to give players a full control of Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 modded controller.

None of the custom controller companies currently presented in the market reveal the details about the technical features of Rapid Fire they offer. We would like to change this approach and help our customer make a 100% knowlegeable decision about our product. Below is some technical information about Mega Modz Planet modchip and how it wins compared to other chips available on the market:

  • Mega Modz Planet advanced Rapid Fire> 64 KB memory, which is 8 times more than any other technology (8 KB or even less). This means Mega Modz Rapid Fire can hold more mods and features. Our Rapid Fire offers up to 15 exclusive mod perks which can be ordered in the package, separately, or combined according to your preference. To learn more, visit full Rapid Fire Instructions.

  • We install extra components on the Rapid Fire to make it run 500 times faster than other modified chip controller. Our Rapid Fire runs at 16 Mhz  (16 * 1,000,000), while some of our competitors’ run at only 32 kilohertz (32 * 1000). Due to the higher speed, our Rapid Fire doesn't add any additional delay to button presses.

  • Our products are 100% undetectable online due to special digital-to-analog converter

  • Our Rapid Fire allows users to turn multiple exclusive mods ON ( 4 mod packs can be turned ON simultaneously on Xbox One and PS4 controllers and up to 8 mod packs can be turned ON at the same time on Xbox 360 and PS3 remotes). Some of the competition's mods only allow one or two mods to be turned on at a time.

  • Mega Modz Planet modchip connects to all of the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3 controller buttons, thus offering more features designed especially for hard core players.

  • Easy to navigate in between modes with exclusive mod selection functionality. Browse for comprehensive mods descriptions, instructions, quick  mode guide, product display and video tutorials.

  • We offer 15 exclusive mod packs with programmable and customizable functions: Rapid Fire, Dual Trigger Rapid Fire, Burst Firing, Dropshot an Jumpshot ( Xbox One and PS4 ), Akimbo Firing, Jitter, Quick Scope, Sniper Breath, Fast Reload, Zombie Auto-Aim, Perfect reload, Turbo Melee, Auto Sprint, Auto Spot and Button Layouts. Most of them have multiple functions and some are programmable.

  • Mega Modz Planet Xbox 360 Fast Reload Mod is the only mode on the market that works with Modern Warfare 3.
Experience our technology with increased game performance today!  Choose Your Modded Controllers

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