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PS4 Modded Rapid Fire Controller

Price: $89.99 $109.99


PS4 Modded Rapid Fire Controller
  • PS4 Modded Rapid Fire Controller
  • PS4 Modded Rapid Fire Controller View A
  • PS4 Modded Rapid Fire Controller View B
  • PS4 Modded Rapid Fire Controller View C
    • Striker Multi-Mod Package Includes 11 Mod Packs: Akimbo, Auto Burst, Auto Sprint, Drop Shot + Jump Shot, Dual Trigger, Fast Reload, Layouts, Quick Scope, Sniper Breath, Zombie
      COD IW and MW Remastered Compatible
      $ 69.99 WAS $ 139.99
    • Spectre Multi-Mod Package Includes 12 Mod Packs: Akimbo, Auto Burst, Auto Sprint, Drop Shot+Jump Shot, Dual Trigger, Fast Reload, Jitter, Layouts, Quick Scope, Sniper Breath, Zombie.
      Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Compatible
      $ 79.99 WAS $ 139.99
    • MegaMod Pro Package 14 exclusive Mod packs designed for all FPS games.
      All First Shooter Games Compatible
      $ 79.99 WAS $162.99
      Powerful all-in-one multi- mod package. Includes all 14 exclusivemod packs available for PS4.
    • Add Up to 14 Exclusive Modes

    • Akimbo Improved
      $ 9.99 WAS $19.99
      Akimbo Mod not only allows you to control dual-wielded guns with only one fire trigger instead of using two triggers, but with a new Akimbo sub mode technology you will have a full control of toggling in between primary and secondary weapons turning Rapid Fire on and off.
    • Auto Burst
      $ 9.99 WAS $19.99
      Auto Burst allows users to set “single shot” weapons to burst fire rounds of 2, 3, 4, and 5 shots.
    • Auto Spot New
      $ 9.99 WAS $19.99
      In Battlefield 4 user can help out his team by "spotting" an enemy. Once an enemy is spotted, he will show up on your teammate's radar and you may even get extra points when that enemy is vanquished.
    • Auto Sprint New
      $ 9.99 WAS $19.99
      The Auto Sprint mod is designed for Call of Duty and BattleField games. If you are tired of constantly mashing the left thumbstick to make your soldier sprint – the Auto Sprint is just what you have been looking for.
    • Drop Shot + Jump Shot
      $ 12.99 WAS $29.99
      Drop Shot+Jump Shot Mod allows player to lay down or jump and shoot automatically at the same time.
    • Dual Trigger
      $ 9.99 WAS $19.99
      This mod was specially designed for "secondary weapon" in COD games like Ghosts such as "one shot" hand guns and semi-auto pistols.
    • Fast Reload Improved
      $ 9.99 WAS $19.99
      Fast Reload is a mod enabling a player to reload the guns he/she is using faster than normally. COD games compatible.
    • Jitter Improved
      $ 9.99 WAS $19.99
      Jitter mod allows users to shoot burst-fire weapons as fully auto ones for the ultimate firepower. Not compatible with COD Ghosts. Most likely will work with upcming COD games.
    • Layouts New
      $ 9.99 WAS $19.99
      Select from available standard button layouts and enjoy playing your style! Standard layouts are: Default, Tactical and Lefty. NOTE: Default Flipped Layout is a separate custom option that can be added from Add Ons menu
    • Quick Scope Improved
      $ 9.99 WAS $19.99
      Quick scoping is widely used in Call of Duty games. The idea with a quick scope is to use a sniper rifle, scope in, and fire the shot just as the gun scopes in. Get the timing and the aiming down just perfectly, and you can become a one-man commando with your sniper rifle.
    • Sniper Breath
      $ 9.99 WAS $19.99
      This mod was specially designed for sniper rifles in Call of Duty and Battlefield games. It automatically holds sniper’s breath when scoping in.
    • Turbo Melee New
      $ 9.99 WAS $19.99
      Turbo Melee Mod significantly decreases the time user has to wait between knife attacks in COD Ghosts.
    • Zombie Improved
      $ 9.99 WAS $19.99
      Zombie mod allows user to auto-aim to the nearest enemy's head or chest when you scope your rifle. This Mod was specially designed for Call Of Duty series such as campaign in COD Ghosts.
    • Default Flipped Layout New
      $ 12.99 WAS $19.99
      Default Flipped Layout allows users to fire with R1 button for all shooting mods. Enjoy playing classic PS3 style!
    • Same Day Assembly
      $ 19.99
      Normal assembling time can take up to 72 hours. Can't wait to get your controller? By adding this feature your controller is guaranteed to get assembled and shipped out within 24 hours. Cut off time 2 PM EST.
    • Mega Modz Paddles
      $ 29.99 WAS $49.99
      Fully Reprogrammable Paddles Designed to increase controller usability by remapping buttons Functionality
      Compatible with all types of games. Re-programmable mimic paddles are mounted on the back of the controller and allow users to assign any button's function on the controller to any paddle.
    • Fate Multi-Mod Package Includes 4 Mod Packs: Auto Burst, Auto Sprint, Jump Shot, Quick Scope
      $ 39.99 WAS $69.99
    • Ambush Multi-Mod Package Includes 5 Mod Packs: Auto Burst, Auto Sprint, Auto Spot, Quick Scope, Sniper Breath.
      $ 49.99 WAS 79.99
    • Assault Multi-Mod Package Includes 11 Mod Packs: Akimbo, Auto Burst, Auto Sprint, Drop Shot+Jump Shot, Dual Trigger, Layouts, Quick Scope, Sniper Breath, Turbo Melee, Zombie.
      Advanced Warfare Compatible
      $ 69.99 WAS $ 136.99
    • Phantom Multi-Mod Package Includes 12 Mod Packs: Akimbo, Auto Burst, Auto Sprint, Drop Shot+Jump Shot, Dual Trigger, Fast Reload, Layouts, Quick Scope, Sniper Breath, Turbo Melee, Zombie.
      Ghosts Compatible
      $ 69.99 WAS 136.99
    Custom Design


    Choose from available colors
    LED Running Lights


    You can choose from available colors to replace stock Square/Triangle/Circle/X buttons.


    You can upgrade stock black thumbsticks to other available colors or can choose Customizable Illuminating Thumbsticks

    Illuminating Thumbsticks come in 9 main colors/modes and the 10th mode is customizable that allows players to create the shades of green, blue and red colors from a light ones to very intense.

    Shotgun Thumbsticks are made from real shotgun 12 gauge bullets.

    PS Home Button

    PS Home Button
    Select from available chrome colors for PS4 Home button


    Thumb Grips
    Enhance your controller usability and protect your analogue sticks by adding a set of thumb grips made from top quality rubber. The feature comes with 4 sets ( 8 pieces total) of grips and includes 2 sets of concave and 2 sets of convex grips. Enjoy an increased grip and a higher precision level with 2 low, 1 medium and 1 high grips.Thumb grips are easy to fit and each set may be used for a different game and you can even mix grips from different sets to meet the needs of the most demanded users.

    Extended Warranty

    1 Year Warranty
    We offer an extended 12 months warranty that covers labor and parts.

    MegaModz PS4 Mod  is a 100% original controller by Sony Play Station that features a highly responsive sensor and Dual Shock 4 touch pad providing a new level of gaming and interaction with games. PS4 Modded controller now has a new light bar that will be indicating all game related information via its different illumination colors and patterns. Another new useful function is Share button that will allow users to share their gaming achievements with just one click.


    PS4 Rapid Fire Modded Controller comes with a new Mega Modz Planet 2016 Rapid Fire modchip with 10 modes pre-set to the latest video game releases such as COD Black Ops 3, Advanced Warfare, Battlefield 4, Hardline, Halo 5, Destiny, Fallout 4, Rainbow Six Siege etc. Users are welcome to re-write factory speeds and set up 10 custom SPS settings using a programming mode.  PS4 modchip will feature an improved Rapid Fire with an easier and more convenient setup and navigation; higher speed processor and a bigger memory capacity. To learn all the details about our Rapid Fire feature CLICK HERE.


    !NEW! Reprogrammable Paddles:

    Add even more functionality to your controller performance with a brand new feature brought to you exclusively by Mega Modz Planet! Add Re-programmable Mimic Paddles to your controller that will be installed on the back of the controller and will allow you to assign the function of any stock button to any paddle. You will be able to use Mega Modz Paddles with ALL games on the market.  CLICK HERE to learn more information on the feature.

    Exclusive Mod Packs:

    You are welcome to add 14 exclusive mods on to your PS4 Rapid Fire Modded Controller. Mod packs can be selected from our Add Ons Menu one by one or in ready to go packages. See all available options HERE!

    Design Customization Add Ons:

    Spice up the look of your PS4 mod via various colors available for D-pad and Operational Buttons (X/Circle/Square/Triangle) as well as real gold or chrome Bullet Buttons. Check out all avaialble options!

    More design customization options coming soon. Keep in mind, you can add more Add On options on to your existing MegaModz PS4 modded controller at anytime. Stay tuned!

    All our Rapid Fire PS4 Modded Controllers are undetectable online.

    For our controller modification service we use ONLY the latest authentic controllers by Sony Play Station. Our modded controllers will take your gaming experience to the next level and  leave you amazed by your performance.


    We ship via United States postal Service


    Standard Ground (2 - 5 Days)                  FREE
    Ground with Signature ( 2 - 5 days)         $3.99
    Express (Overnight)                                $29.99


    First Class (time varies)                          $5.99
    Priority      (6-9 days)                               $21.99
    Express     (3 - 5 Days)                            $29.99


    First Class (time varies)                          $14.99
    Priority      (6-9 days)                               $39.99
    Express     (3 - 5 Days)                            $49.99



    Mega Modz Planet is an independent retailer of modded controllers for Xbox 360 and PS3, and is not affiliated with Activision, Microsoft or Sony, or any other brand names. All brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are used for identification purposes only. Call of Duty, Black Ops, Modern Warfare, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 are all registered trademarks of their respective corporations. All warranty only provided by Mega Modz Planet. This site, including its owners, operators, and developers, is not affiliated with nor endorsed by ANY other brand or any subsidiaries thereof, in any way.

  • Total rating: 4.94
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    2 star:
    3 star:
    4 star:
    5 star:
    • Rating:
      Subject: Call of duty remastered
      This controller is one of the best modded controllers I've ever had, not only was it cheap but it worked too. 100% would buy again
    • Rating:
      Subject: Funcionabilidad
      Me gustaria saber si funciona para ps4, y para el juego the division, cuales serian la recomendaciones, y su costo
    • Rating:
      Subject: perfect controller.
      I've had it for 3days now and I love it. Perfect for destiny.
    • Rating:
      Subject: Epic
      I ordered the Rapid Fire PS4 controller. It arrived fairly quickly, and it works exactly as they say. I find that it works perfect with Black Ops 3, as wel as GTA Online, and MGSV. Haven't tried it on anything else yet. I highly recommend.
    • Rating:
      Subject: modded controller
      does it bring rapid fire already for bo3
    • Rating:
      Subject: Fantastic
      This is the first modded controller excellent service
    • Rating:
      Subject: Test is a test before purchase
      Test is a test before purchase to see if the ratings are fabricated...
    • Rating:
      I like to keep it classy and simple. Black in color, Rapid Fire for mods - all I need to kick asses lol
    • Rating:
      Playing with this mod improved my position on the players list. Best mods in my opinion are Rapid fire, Dropshot, Jump Shot, Fast Reload. Can have 4 mods at the same time. I would buy from here again.
    • Rating:
      Simple and chick, love this controller! I do not care too much about all the designs options, I just need great functionality and reasonable price. Rapid Fire PS4 mod meets both demands. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good quality modded ps4 controller and doesn't want to overpay for fancy designs options.
    • Rating:
      Subject: Colors
      I love my controller now i am waiting for the colored ones
    • Rating:
      Subject: Man
      Man I love this controller I really did not think that it would change my gameplay the it did ! I am lovin it
    • Rating:
      Subject: Cha Bang
      Epic Ps4 Modded Controller A++!!!!!
    • Rating:
      Subject: love it
      Ordered a Ps4 controller and received it a day later and absolutely love it. Great quality and easy to function. Way better than the last controller I purchased from evil whicfelt like it was going to break.
    • Rating:
      Subject: Upgraded
      I have the ps3 controller and loved it now I have upgrade to the ps4
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PS4 Rapid Fire Modded Controller provides a more in-depth and intense gaming experience.
All-new design
  • Better control provided due to improved design of analog sticks and trigger buttons
  • Next level of gaming revealed via new multi-touch pad abilities
  • New Share button will allow users to post the their gaming achievements via internet streaming with just one click
  • Enhanced built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
PowerFul MMP Modchip
  • CPU performance is twice as fast as on the PS3 chip
  • Increased memory capacity
  • 100% online undetectable
  • Improved 10 Modes Programmable Rapid Fire pre-installed
  • Ability to be upgraded, when new features become available
  • First PS4 modding technology on the market
  • All First Person Shooter games compatible, including COD Ghosts, Battlefield 4
  • Original Sony,Turtle Beach, Pulse Elite Headphones compatible
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