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What Are Button Layout Maps?

Most users play their favorite COD games using DEFAULT button layout. But let’s not forget about the option for the left handed gamers (so called LEFTY button layout) and 3 more button layouts offered by the game (Default, Tactical, Lefty, NOM4D, and NOM3D Tactical). Although all modes on Mega Modz Planet Advanced Rapid Fire chip are set up for the DEFAULT layout version, now you are able to make any mode work on your favorite button layout.

How Do I Operate Button Layout Maps?

Let’s start with LEFTY button layout as an example:
  1. Activate desired modes on your controller.
  2. Go into your game options screen and set the LEFTY button layout
  3. Now you have to set your button layout on your controller to make all desired modes work on the selected layout.
  4. To switch to a different button layout, hold your mod switch on the back of your controller and hold the Triangle button.
  5. Then count the number of blinks on the LED 4. A number of times LED 4 blinks will indicate the mode you are currently in, after you finish changing layouts Player 4 LED will not stay ON.
Mode 1 Default                       (LED 4 blinks 1 time)
Mode 2 Tactical                       (LED 4 blinks 2 times)
Mode 3 Lefty                            (LED 4 blinks 3 times)
Mode 4 Nom4d*                     (LED 4 blinks 4 times)
Mode 5 NOM3D Tactical*      (LED 4 blinks 5 times)
*All features are supported except dual-trigger Rapid Fire and active reload. Single-Trigger Rapid Fire and Akimbo are supported.

All desired modes will now work on the button layout you have chosen.
If you change the button layout option, always remember to change it on both your game setting option screen and the controller.

To operate (turn on/off, switch between sub-modes) all modes in any button layout map you will have to press and hold mod switch and tap/press/hold corresponding command assignments.
Example: Default Layout-To turn Rapid Fire ON you have to hold mode switch and tap “Fire Button”(command assignment). it is Right Trigger in DEFAULT button layout
LEFTY layout-To turn Rapid Fire ON you have to hold mode switch and tap “Fire Button” (command assignment). It is Left Trigger in LEFTY button layout.

What Games Is Button Mapping Compatible With?

Button Mapping Feature is compatible with all Call Of Duty Games including Black Ops 3. 

NOTE: We strongly recommend not to use B grade batteries (especially Duracell) with our modded controllers as they might affect gaming performance negatively. Please use any A grade batteries for better performance.

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