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What Is Auto Burst Mode?

Auto Burst allows users to set “single shot” weapons to burst fire rounds of 2, 3, 4, and 5 shots.

How Does Auto Burst Mode Work?

When using a single-fire rifle such as the FAL , MK 14, and etc., the user is able to simulate burst firing by holding Fire Button (Right Trigger in default button layout).

NOTE: The controller will burst at the same speed as whatever Rapid Fire Mode you currently have selected.  If you have your Rapid Fire mode set too high and above the game's speed cap, you may not get all of the burst count.  If this happens, try reducing your Rapid Fire speed settings.
[For more information visit Rapid Fire instructions]

How Do I Operate Auto Burst Mode?

To enable Burst Firing hold your mod switch on the back of the controller and tap D-pad right button. Player 4 LED will flash once and stay on, indicating Auto Burst Mode is ON.

User is able to change to different burst firing sub mode by holding the mod switch and D-pad Right Button. The Player 4 LED on the controller will blink to let the user know which sub mode is set. When desired sub mode is reached, release the mod switch to stop changing sub modes. (Example: Sub Mode 2-Player 4 LED flashes 2 times and stays on). If user changes sub modes while playing, the controller will always remember the last sub mode before powering down.

Here are the factory bursts for the four sub modes:
Sub Modes Bursts
Mode 1 Rapid Fire with 2-round bursts
Mode 2 Rapid Fire with 3-round bursts
Mode 3 Rapid Fire with 4-round bursts
Mode 4 Rapid Fire with 5-round bursts

To turn burst firing OFF, hold your mod switch on the back of the controller and tap the D-pad down. Player 4 LED will go OFF.

What Games Is Burst Firing Mode Compatible With?

Auto Burst mode is compatible with all first person shooter games on the market such as all Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Destiny Halo, Gears Of War, Grand Theft Auto, etc., including every game series.
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