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Modded Controllers By Mega Modz Planet

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PlayStation 4 Modded Controllers
modded ps4 controllers
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Price: $79.99
Xbox One Modded Controller
modded xbox one controllers
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Price: $79.99
Black Ops 3 Modded ControllersBlack Ops 3 Modded Controllers

Take your game play to a whole new level
We would like to introduce you to a next generation of gaming brought to you by MegaModzPlanet. Our Modded Controllers For Xbox One and PS4 are built for gamers by gamers and deliver the perfect balance of power and performance to ensure your most in-depth experience with the gaming systems of the next gen.Take advantage of the latest modding technology today!

Improve your gaming skills like never before
Every Xbox One and PS4 modded controller comes with 10 Mode Enhanced Programmable 2014 Rapid Fire feature that was designed for First and Third Person Shooter Games.Rapid Fire allows users to turn any semi auto or single shot weapons into fully automatic ones and, therefore, provides more shots per second and more kills.

Xbox One and PS4 modded controllers feature new improved ergonomics that offer remodeled analog sticks, buttons and controller shape for a more comfortable gaming experience and precise control.

Experience the evolution of play
A New Era Of Gaming Has Just Begun with the All-New Xbox One and PS4 Modded Controllers by MegaModzPlanet. Be the first to experience our 2014 Rapid Fire technology and explore the next gen gaming capabilities to the fullest!

rapid fire modded controllers

choose your weapon
MODDED PS4 CONTROLLERS MODDED XBOX ONE CONTROLLERS XBOX 360 Rapid Fire Modded Controllers PS3 Rapid Fire Modded Controllers

Xbox 360 mods

Xbox 360 modchip technology offers 14 exclusive mod packs. Each mod packs performs a certain function that gives users a great advantage in various gaming situations. A lot of mod packs come with several pre-installed sub-modes that offer different settings for users’ convenience. Some of the mod packs offer a special programming mode that gives users an ability to re-write factory settings and set up custom speeds or unit delays to get the best performance for that type of weapon.

Our Xbox 360 modded controllers have a very simple mods setup. All mods are operated through existing controller buttons and an additional mod switch that we install on the back of every controller. Users will easily know which mods have been enabled/disabled or which submode they are in by lights indicators on Player 3 and 4 LEDs. MegaModzPlanet modding technology allows users to activate a few mods at the same time.

Most exclusive mod packs have been specifically designed for Call of Duty games. Commando Package includes 12 mod packs that are fully compatible with COD games. Most of the exclusive packs currently offering Commando Package will be compatible with COD Ghosts. Stay tuned for more details!

For all Battlefield fans, we offer few mod packs that are compatible with all Battlefield games. Click on the icons to the left to learn more!

PS3 mods

PS3 modchip technology currently offers 12 mod packs that have been designed to boost gaming performance in most first and third person shooters on the market. Each PS3 modded controller comes with a Rapid Fire by default and users are welcome to add any or all of the exclusive mods from our Add Ons menu.

All exclusive mods perform different functions and can be a great help to users depending on a situation in the game. CLICK on the video button to the right to see demos of the mods in action!

Top 5 rated mods for PS3 controllers are: Sniper Breath, Drop Shot, Dual Trigger Rapid Fire, Quick Scope and Jitter. Jitter has recently been upgraded and now offers 8 sub-modes for even better gaming performance.

Some of the Exclusive Mods come with few sub-modes that deliver various default speeds. Users are welcome to play using factory settings or can re-write them via a special programming mode. Programming mode allows users to set up custom settings that will vary depending on the type of weapons used.

Our PS3 modded controllers are super user-friendly and offer a simple mods setup. Users will be able to activate/deactivate desired mods and scroll between sub-modes using existing controller buttons and one more additional mod switch that we install on the back of the controller. Player 3 and Player 4 LEDs will indicate which mods have been enabled.

It has been confirmed by independent experts that PS3 mods by MegaModzPlanet are smarter and faster than offered by the competition. Become the best player on the battlefield with MegaModzPlanet Play Station 3 modded controllers!

Modded Xbox 360 Controllers
Modded Ps3 Controllers

Be on top of your competition with our Xbox 360 and PS3 modded controllers and experience a new level of gaming! Current generation of modded controllers offers tons of options that can be added onto your Xbox 360 or PS3 mod that will add a lot of perks and skills to your character’s performance. You will be pleasantly surprised by your increased kills/deaths ratio and by a simple and convince controllers set up. You are welcome to use multiple mods at the same time and utilize more than one of your new skills on the battlefield.

Every Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers comes with our latest Rapid Fire modchip installed by defaults. You are welcome to choose from 10 default Rapid Fire mods that have been conveniently pre-set to the most popular games on the market ( Check out GAMES Tab to see the list of compatible games). We don’t want to set any limits while you are using our Rapid Fire feature and are glad to offer a programming mode where you will be able to re-write factory fire rates and set up to 10 custom Rapid Fire speeds.

In addition to Rapid Fire, we offer 14 exclusive mod packs (12 for PS3) that perform different functions and can dramatically increase your soldier’s performance in various gaming situations.

We want your experience with a modded controller from MegaModzPlanet to be unique and offer tons of customization options that can be selected from our Add Ons Menu. Use your imagination and create a one-of-a-kind modded controller for Xbox 360 or PS3. Select from hundred shells and chose from various colors, bullet and illuminating options available for thumbsticks and operational buttons, triggers, D-pad, bumpers and inserts! Make your controller speak of you and you only.

MegaModzPlanet modded controllers for PS3 and Xbox 360 deliver revolutionary speed, accuracy, precision and rumble feedback. Elevate your game today!

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