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Illuminating components manual

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Our Programmable Illuminating Thumbsticks is a brand new cool feature on the market brought to you exclusively by They come in 9 main colors/modes and the 10th mode that is customizable. The 10th mode is a user reprogrammable mode that allows players to create the shades of green, blue and red colors from a light ones to very intense.

Illuminating thumbsticks will glow dimmer as your battery drains of power. Recharging a rechargeable battery will make the lights bright again

How Do I Operate Programmable Illuminating Thumbsticks?

To turn your Illuminating thumbsticks ON/OFF, hold the mod switch and hold A Button.

To move to the next mode, hold the mod switch, and hold d-pad DOWN Button.

Mega Modz Planet Illuminating Thumbsticks have 10 modes. Mode 0 and Mode 10 are special modes. Modes 1 through 9 colors are as follows:

Modes Colors
Mode 0 Rainbow scrolling
Mode 1 Red
Mode 2 Orange
Mode 3 Yellow
Mode 4 Lime
Mode 5 Green
Mode 6 Cyan
Mode 7 Blue
Mode 8 Purple
Mode 9 White
Mode 10 User-customizable mode

User Instructions on Programming the Custom Thumbstick Colors

Customizable mode allows you to specify the red, green and blue color levels on both joystick, by entering a brightness value from 0 (light off) to 255 (full brightness).

Programming Instruction:
  • Power your controller UP.
  • Hold mod switch and then tap Sync Button. Player 3 and Player 4 LED's will flash rapidly. The mod is now in programming mode, and is awaiting user input.
  • Press D-PAD DOWN Button to enter color programming mode. Controller automatically changes to User-Customizable Mode 10.
  • Controller is now waiting for more user input - Hold Y Button + tap D-pad Up Button. Your thumbsticks will light up. Now you can start changing colors to your liking. These commands can be used at any time:
Hold Button B (red button) + hold d-pad UP - more red
Hold Button B (red button) + hold d-pad DOWN - less red
Hold Button A (green button) + hold d-pad UP - more green
Hold Button A (green button) + hold d-pad DOWN - less green
Hold Button X (blue button) + hold d-pad UP - more blue
Hold Button X (blue button) + hold d-pad DOWN - less blue
  • Once you finish customizing colors press the mod switch on the back of the controller to save new colors.  Player3/Player4 LED flash to confirm saving of new colors and that you are leaving programming mode. You just saved desired colors in User-Customizable Mode #10

Instructions for Illuminating Guide and A, B, X, Y Buttons

Illuminating Guide and A,B,X,Y buttons are stock buttons with LED installed in them. When turned on, they will be lit even if a controller is turned off.

When illuminating buttons are installed, a controller will have a small hole next to the mode switch on the back of the controller. To turn illuminating function on/ off, you will need to use a thin metal stick that comes with a controller. Just simply put the stick into the hole to turn illluminating buttons on/ off at anytime.

Instructions Xbox 360 Modded Custom Controllers

Quick Mode Guide
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  • 100% Online Undetectable
  • Mimic Re-programmable Paddles
  • MegaModz Pro Pack Includes
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